A picture is worth a thousand words...and some relentless entertainment for fans of Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and more of today's most public-facing pop stars.

As spring blooms, and the end of the school year inches closer, we're reminded of a particular annual tradition: yearbook photos. Yup, even pop stars who embark on massive world tours (speaking of which, any of you manage to snag Reputation Tour tickets?) and award-winning actors have had to suffer through standardized testing, cold cafeteria fries and faulty lockers just like the rest of us. We've all been students somewhere, which means we've also all been forced to sit down, tilt our heads this way or that and take nonsensical direction from local community photographers. And let's not even get into those laser-light or starry-skied background options...

So when you rifle through boxes in your basement for old totems and memorabilia, and grimace at the sight of your acne-faced, bespectacled yearbook photo starting back at you, remember — even Hollywood's most glamorous stars have been there too. Kelly Clarkson had to hand in homework, Cardi B had to stay awake through the white noise of school assemblies and Miley Cyrus had to eagerly await the dismissal bell, too. Stars: they really are just like the rest of us!

From Rita Ora to Shawn Mendes to Iggy Azalea, check out the best of celebrity yearbook photos in the gallery below. And to all soon-to-be graduates of the Class of 2018, congratulations, and welcome to an elite club of those-who-are-gonna-be-embarrassed-by-these-shots-one-day.

Celebrity Yearbook Photos

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