After weeks of speculation, the former Carrier Dome in Syracuse now has a new name. And it doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.


Onondaga County tech company JMA Wireless now has naming rights to Syracuse's most famous building, entering into a 10-year agreement with the University, it was announced Thursday morning. Moving forward, the beloved and famously loud structure will be now referred to as the JMA Dome.

"With JMA Wireless as our new naming partner, our campus community, student athletes and fans alike can expect a world-class event experience, unlike anything they've ever seen before at Syracuse University." - Syracuse University Chancellor Kent Syverud

The new name has come after a forthcoming name change was first reported in April. The Dome had brandished the Carrier name since 1980, after the air conditioning and home appliance company initially contributed $2.75 million to its construction.

Clemson v Syracuse
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As more and more corporate giants started seeing the value in naming stadiums over the years, Syracuse University realized it was boxed into an obsolete agreement.

All the more unusual about the Dome exhibiting the name "Carrier" for so long is that the iconic facility never even had air conditioning until 2021.

As with anything, though, it may take a while for "JMA Dome" to enter the popular lexicon, with some SU diehards on Facebook claiming "It'll always be the Carrier Dome to me!" or similar sentiments to that effect.

Clemson v Syracuse
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By the time people start getting used to saying "JMA Dome," their 10-year-agreement with Syracuse University may already be up.

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