The Genesee Street building that once housed Casa Too Mucha in New Hartford has been sold to Cliff's, the agent who brokered the deal confirms.

Patricia Mody Virkler, of Signature Realty, confirms the sale of the Casa building and property to Cliff's, which owns the gas station adjacent to the property. The deal closed Friday, October 16. Virkler would not confirm the sale price.

The restaurant, which featured Mexican food, had been part of the New Hartford landscape for decades. Owner Pattie Rizzo decided it was time to move on from the dining spot, and was reportedly looking for someone to pass the recipes along to.

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Gene Allen, part of Urban Renewal in Utica, wrote on Facebook a few weeks ago, "I spoke to the owner tonight and she would love to have a young couple continue with all their recipes. If you know any budding restaurateurs have them contact her. I have been going there for decades and would hate to lose it forever."

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

WKTV reports the Village Planning Board has already approved the expansion plan for Cliff's, contingent on Cliff's getting the appropriate permits. The plan includes demolishing both buildings and rebuilding a new, larger Cliff's station.

There's no word on how that construction might impact parking and traffic, especially for One Genny and its patrons, as well as those entering and exiting a larger gas station.


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