The days are getting a little cooler, but you can still hold on to summer by heading to Sylvan Beach for fireworks.

There's something about fireworks that feel so summer-y. August is well underway, school supplies are on the shelves (okay, so is Christmas stuff, be we digress) - the signs are clear, summer is wrapping up.

We're down to the very last 'Fireworks Over the Lake' at Sylvan Beach for the summer.

The final fireworks display will take place on August 10, 2019 - with the show set to start at dusk. 

The event, which is coordinated by Sylvan Beach Tourism, is sponsored by the Oneida Lake Inn. Sylvan Beach does want to remind you, if you plan on attending, remember that there's a 'No Open Container' policy which includes the beach. "Open container tickets can, and will be distributed for fines of $250" - and that could ruin your fun.

So, send summer off with a bang, and catch some fireworks at Sylvan Beach.


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