You can own a piece of history. The 193 acre Catskill Game Farm that began in 1933 as the first privately owned zoo in America, is up for sale, again.

The Old Game Farm has changed hands several times over the years, undergoing a number of improvements.

The old giraffe barn was renovated in 2012 into the Long Neck Inn, with a nostalgic nod to days gone by. The modern boutique hotel is perfect for weddings and features a game room, outdoor hot tub, chef's kitchen, and animal-themed rooms - Giraffe, Rhino, Zebra, and Elephant room. There are even upscale private Glamping sites with majestic mountain views.

The possibilities are endless and it can all be yours for $3.6 million.

The current owners have been looking for a new owner since putting the it on the market in early 2022.

Old Catskill Game Farm Up For Sale....Again

Want to own a nearly 200 acres farm? The Old Catskill Game Farm is on the market. Take a virtual tour.

Gallery Credit: Credit - Polly McAdams

New Owners Already Selling

The Old Game Farm, which was once home to thousands of animals, was purchased by Sidney Blauner and a small group of investors a few years ago, with plans to preserve this unique piece of history. "We are humbled with our responsibility of stewarding the legacy of America’s first private zoo and the largest tourist attraction in the Catskills for over 70 years."

The Old Game Farm saw over 10 million visitors during its lifetime. Blauner had planned to provide more adventurous activities like mountain biking, archery, and miniature golf, in addition to the upscale accommodations currently offered. Plans were also in the works to provide a relaxing mountain home for several animals including horses, peacocks, poultry, and bovines.

The Old Game Farm does offer a unique experience, that includes over 3.5 miles of paved pathways, sitting next to 20+ acres of the Catskill Trailways. Amazing views from glamping sites in a secluded area of the game farm.

Glamping Wooded Site
See parts of an old building behind the former Big Cat Exhibit while being tucked in the woods. It's a great spot for smaller groups or families who want to feel like they are nestled in the woods.

Glamping Overlook Site
Set on top of a high area outside the park that overlooks a beautiful open area where you will often see wildlife strolling through. This is a great site for large groups or families who would like to play outdoor games.

A Look Inside the Old Catskill Game Farm

Take a look inside the Catskill Game Farm that now offers unique camping opportunities.

Gallery Credit: Credit - Polly McAdams

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