Get ready to be scared and challenged by a new Escape Room in Rome, brought to you by the horror masterminds from Cayo Industrial.

If you've never been in an 'escape room' before - prepare yourself. Escape rooms challenge you to solve a variety of puzzles so you can earn your freedom before time is up. Sometimes, they're not so much creepy as they are suspenseful, but the folks behind the area's scariest haunted house can't help but bring the scary.

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The Atrophy Escape Ward will bring "guests into an alternate surreal reality inside a hidden antiquated asylum. Welcome yourself as patients delving deep inside while figuring puzzles along your journey. Insanity fills the halls with crippled minds disguised by their own beliefs of a beautiful world. A multi-sensory world of effects, hallucinations, and altered states awaits."

If you'd like to challenge yourself, the experience allows groups up to 6 people. Due to COVID restrictions, groups are limited to a minimum of 4 persons and up to 6 total, but you need to be with your own friends.  If you have 2-3 persons only in your group, you can still enter, but must purchase an extra ticket to make the 4 minimum at this time.

The Escape Ward is located in Rome, near the water tower, at 530 Harbor Way, and officially opens on September 11. You can pick up tickets HERE.

"Escape Ward" is aptly named, because we can all use a little escape from reality right now - even if it is a little scary.

Credit: Cayo Insustrial Facebook
Credit: Cayo Insustrial Facebook


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