It isn't every day that some restaurants in the area hear their name on national television. It also isn't every day a very recognizable chef boasts about you either.

Nearly two weeks ago Anne Burrell made her way back to her hometown in Central New York of Cazenovia to be married. Even though she has risen to much success, she has much pride in her hometown and the Syracuse area in general. That was pretty evident when you see the cake from her wedding and all the small nuances too. One of those nuances was the food, and Burrell was not shy about making sure everyone across the country knew how good it was.

Burrell recently appeared on the Rachael Ray show which is aired all throughout the United States on the NBC network. During her appearance, of course, she was making some food. While the Lobster Risotto she was making sure looked delicious, there was very little talk of the actual food being prepared in front of the two celebrity chefs.

The topic of conversation was indeed Burrell's wedding on October 16th in Central New York. Pictures were shown of a horse-drawn carriage. You also heard Ray, who attended the wedding, smiling while discussing the dance the newlyweds shared on that day. Toward the end of the video above though, you hear Burrell shout out the restaurant that catered her wedding.

The caterers, which were from a local restaurant called The Cider Mill, but they have a company called Diamond Catering, which did an amazing job. Like, I worked with them with the menu, they were very gracious to allow me to write the menu. But they did an excellent job executing it. It was delicious, it was fun, it was joyful.  - Anne Burrell/Rachael Ray Show

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