Breaking news for Upstate New York, due to financial concerns, Cazenovia College will be closing.

According to Cazenovia College, the school is working toward closure prior to the start of the Fall 2023 semester.

The College will complete the Fall 2022 semester as scheduled and will be fully operational in the spring holding classes and events, including athletics and other normally scheduled activities. During the Spring 2023 semester the College will also assist students with their plans for transferring for Fall 2023."

The private Madison County college, which started 199 years ago as the Genesee Seminary, cited financial difficulties for the pending closure. Cazenovia College has survived through the Great Depression, World War II, a major campus fire in 1959, and more, but the current financial challenges are more than the College can overcome.

Ken Gardiner, chair of the Cazenovia College Board of Trustees, said in a statement to that all involved in this decision are sad about the outcome, and didn't make it easily:

“Considerable time and effort have been spent on improving the college’s financial position over the past several years. Unfortunately, the headwinds and market conditions were insurmountable, leading to a projected deficit of several million dollars for next year.”"

The coronavirus pandemic also played a role in this decision sadly. It impacted recruitment and fundraising efforts, while enrollment dropped with students choosing to postpone college or take a leave of absence, which negatively impacted the College’s financial situation.

You can read more from the college directly, and find all sorts of resources for students and teachers, online here.

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