Have you gotten your flu shot yet?  I finally did and after hearing what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said earlier this week,  you should too.  Plus, this is National Influenza Vaccination Week and nobody wants to be sick during the holidays, right?

According to the CDC, the flu season is off to its earliest start in almost ten years.  Typically, the flu rates begin to rise in early January.   In addition to starting earlier, the other bad news is the main strain of flu this season  tends to make people sicker than other types of flu.  Texas, Alabama, Lousiana, Tennessee and Mississippi have all reported unusually high rates of the flu this fall.  The CDC is predicting it could be a bad flu season this year, but the good news is the vaccine this year is a 90% match for the main strain of flu that's going around.  Also, more than a third of Americans have been vaccinated so far, which is good.   Who should get a flu shot?  Children and the elderly are the most at risk but the shot is recommended for anyone over the age of six months.  What are four simple things you should do to prevent getting sick with the flu?  1.  Get vaccinated.  2.  Keep washing your hands.  3.  If you're sick, stay home.  Don't pass the flu around by going to work. 4. When you cough, cover your mouth.  Stay healthy and get that flu shot today!

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