No soup for you? An 87-year-old Navy veteran was banned from a CNY grocery store after an employee from "asset-protection" caught him sampling hot soup.

According to a Facebook post by his daughter, Maureen Singer, her father, Herb, was asked to leave the Johnson City Wegmans and was banned for two years from returning to the store after he was observed "sampling" the hot soups.

For any Wegmans Shopper —- or family member that has an elderly Parent that is a Wegmans Shopper — please take note. This lovely, honest, US Naval Veteran.. dedicated to his family and faith for his entire life, member of the Binghamton NY community ( for 87 years ) has been treated like a common criminal by Wegmans of Johnson City NY. Yesterday , Feb 17th 2018, a member of the Wegmans “ Asset/Protection” Department accused my Father of “ stealing” hot soup from this Wegmans location. My Father has shopped in Wegmans for 25 years / he is at Wegmans almost daily, he has supported this store as long as it has been in Johnson City NY. He picks up all of his groceries / and his medication as well as my Mothers diabetic care medication and heart medication from this Wegmans store.
He asked me last night “ what are we going to do about getting our medication ... they told me I can’t go back FOR TWO YEARS !!! “. Let me circle back ... this 87 year old honorable man, was taking a few spoonfuls of soup — which he understands to be samples — and a Wegmans “ Asset/ Protection “ employee accused him of “stealing”. They escorted my Father into a room and asked him to sign a document — my Father was very shaken up by the situation.. he signed something, he has NO IDEA WHAT THEY HAD HIM SIGN !!"

According to, Wegmans has since apologized to the man and rescinded the two year ban after his daughter's Facebook post went viral.

Military service and the man's advanced age aside, was Wegmans in the right to ban someone for sampling soup? According to, "It was not clear if he was using the same spoon or a different spoon for each sampling." Do you consider sampling food "stealing"?



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