Celebrate the movie Elf and head to New York City for the 20th anniversary.

"Buddy The Elf, What's Your Favorite Color?" Tuesday, November 7th marks the 20th anniversary of the beloved Christmas movie, Elf! On Location Tours in spreading Christmas cheer by singing loud for all to hear on the brand new Elf Movie Sites Tour on Tuesday, November 7th at 2PM in New York City. Celebrate a whole two decades since the film was released and experience Manhattan through the eyes of our favorite curious yet not-so-little elf from The North Pole.

This tour will make the following stops:

1) You'll visit Bethesda Terrace, where Buddy and Santa escaped from the Central Park Rangers on Santa's sleigh.

2) You'll be able to walk across the Pinebank Arch, the scene of the infamous snowball fight.

3) You'll stroll past the Empire State Building (but be careful of the taxis!).

4) You'll see Macy's, Buddy's North Pole home-away-from-home, and more.

The tour is packed with fun behind-the-scenes secrets and filming trivia and is led by a local actor tour guide (who doubles as the ultimate Elf fan). So don't forget your festive elf hat, and as Leon the Snowman tells Buddy- Don't eat the yellow snow.

Buddy's disastrous trip to the Gimbels department store was filmed during the daytime when it was still open to the public. Shoppers were asked to sign release forms to appear in the movie, but many of them didn't realize they were in a film until it was released."

If you'd like to reserve your spot, please email Erin at erin@onlocationtours.com. Space is limited.

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