If you've lived in Central New York for any amount of time you're probably familiar with our area's jingles. Do you recognize any of these?

How many times have you been listening to Lite 98.7 when on comes one of those catchy jingles that gets stuck in your head forever?

Big Apple Music, Holland Farms, The Utica Zoo, and Enjem's are a few of the jingles that are forever engrained in my mind! I guess that's a good thing because that's what they're supposed to do right? The Observer Dispatch caught up with Pete Bolos from Big Apple Music and had a jingle chat:

“A lot of times I will walk through the mall, people will see me and sing a few bars (of the jingle).” Bolos said. “People really look forward to the Christmas version,” and that it is “so catchy right from the get go.”

Check out this vintage Big Apple Music Commercial!

Here's one from Holland Farms!

It's the Utica Zoo!

and it's Enjem's!

Jane Critelli is one of Utica's better known jingle writers and performers.  Not only has she produced some of the catchy jingles you hear locally, but she's also written and composed on a national Level:

Jayne has composed and arranged music for major advertising campaigns including, Coca Cola, You Can’t Beat The Feelin’, Lysol, Put On A Shining Face, Cherry Coke, It’s Very Cherry, Kodak, The Statue Of Liberty, and arrangements for AT&T, Sheer Energy and others.

I've always wanted to be a jingle singer because I thought it would be kind of neat to be the unrecognized name behind the tune. There's a mysterious aspect to the jingle business that appeals to me. Hey do you recognize this jingle?

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