St. Patrick's Day is going to be here soon, and we want to know how you celebrate the day? Is it the food, parades, drinks, or something more?

St. Patrick's Day is known throughout the US as a day of drinking and partying, with pub crawls, parades, and lots and LOTS of alcohol. But there's more to St. Patrick's Day than that. Whether you celebrate for those other reasons is completely up to you.

Matt and Naomi from Your Workday Kickoff are wondering how MOST people celebrate their St. Patrick's Day. Sure, they see a lot of people at the St. Patrick's Day Parade, and even more down Varick Street after the parade, but is that what everyone is up to? Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day in a different way?

Matt and Naomi want to know. How do you celebrate? You can vote now in the poll below:

You can also voice your opinion in the 'comments' section at the bottom of this page, or on our Lite 98.7 Facebook Page.



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