A new employee is joining Lite 98.7, so Matt and Naomi decided it was time to show everyone what really happens when the mics are off.

These are just a few things Matt and Naomi thought were important to share with the world...

1. They Secretly Hate Each Other. As soon as they shut off the mic, they start screaming at each other. But no one is suppose to know how much they dislike each other, so if anyone else is around, they try to play it cool.

2. Their Birthdays are Just Days Apart. Which makes it really tough to buy each other gifts. They are still busy thinking about their own birthdays, they don't want the other person's birthday taking over. Plus, that's why they both take off so much time in March.

3. They are Lazy and Unproductive. When Matt and Naomi are in the studio, instead of taking care of other work that needs to be done, they're pretty much just goofing off or sleeping. Some times they're doodling, other times they're playing on their phone.

4. Naomi is extremely annoying. She really is. She acts more like Matt's younger sister than a coworker. For some reason, Naomi finds joy in being completely obnoxious when Matt's around.

5. Matt and Naomi are Both Lefties. Probably explains why they're both so weird. Or at least it adds to their weirdness.



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