Accuweather is predicting a hotter than usual summer in Upstate, New York with more 90 degree days than usual. 

New York City typically sees an average of 16,  90 degree days in the summer months. This year, the Big Apple is expected to see 23. Syracuse typically gets an average of eight 90-degree days during the summer. That is expected to double in June, July, and August.

According to

The eastern half of Upstate New York could be 3 to 4 degrees above normal for the summer, said Accuweather meteorologist Paul Pastelok. Western New York could be even hotter, he said, because it will be at the edge of sprawling Midwest heat bowl that will stretch into the Canadian prairies.

Here at the radio station, we have no problem with the two words: "hot summer." it will be a welcome relief, even after a comparatively mild winter in Central New York. It may mean more time at Sylvan Beach, and lots more outdoor fun with family and friends.

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