There are lots of go-to restaurants and eateries in Central New York, some of them are longtime staples and others are fairly new ones that have quickly cemented their reputations among local favorites.

We decided to select four eateries (Holland Farms, Bite, Caffe Caruso, and The Ice Cream Factory) and ask you IF YOU WERE STUCK ON A DESERT ISLAND FOREVER AND COULD PICK ONLY ONE, WHICH ONE WOULD YOU CHOOSE? the responses on the Lite 98.7 Facebook page were varied. Here's a sampling of some of the more interesting comments:

-Becky Linke Koslosky said "Holland Farms because you can get breakfast lunch and dinner. And dessert."

-Derek Clark from Broadway Utica chose Bite "hands down, absolutely no second thought."

-Chana-Mahl Simmons: "My husband and I might need different islands because we can’t agree. It’s a passionate Caruso vs Holland Farms discussion."

-Lisa Simons: "Definitely Holland Farms. I live 4 blocks from there. They have everything and any calories consumed are negated by my walk to and from there. Right?" (Hard to argue that.)

-Chelsea Byrd: "I would have to go with Ice Cream Factory. You can never have enough ice cream. And you can have it so many different ways." (Plus, the ice cream would cool you off on that desert island.)

-Sarah Marcy: "Bite because at least I would have a variety of food and dessert to pick from."

Since you attempted to cast a few "write-in" votes for other eateries, we may turn this Desert Island question into a series and let groups of four more establishments battle it out in the future. Stay tuned.


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