People aren't the only ones getting unmasked in Central New York. Cows are next on the list too!

Holland Farms has officially removed the masks off their cows on their sign. They had been up for the longest time to encourage those passing by to be safe and mask up in public. With a majority of mask mandates now lifted in Central New York, the cows are joining in on the celebration.

The cow being unmasked on the right is named Chuckie. The owners put the mask on Chuckie almost a year ago, back on June 11th. The cow on the left, called Cupcake, doesn't have a mask on because he is vaccinated. Another progressive and creative approach by Holland Farms to help Central New Yorkers get through the pandemic.

We HERD we needed to remove Chuckie’s mask! Chuckie is feeling MOO-velous now!!!

Holland Farms via Facebook
Holland Farms via Facebook

This news comes the same time the mask requirement on public transportation has been lifted. Anyone traveling by bus, train, or plane does not have to follow a mask mandate. Airline and transportation companies still have the option to require passengers to mask up, it just isn't a mandated requirement.

Holland Farms via Facebook
Holland Farms via Facebook

The mask mandate for students in schools ended back on March 2nd. One requirement that families fought tooth-and-nail for months on.

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