Everyone recognizes the sound of the ice cream man. For some of us, it's pretty exciting - but maybe not as exciting as it is for one New Hartford dog.

Every summer, when the ice cream trucks start making their way around Central New York neighborhoods, a certain golden retriever might start to get a little extra excited. He may even have a little extra wag in his tail - and with good reason.

For four years, Buster - a golden retriever - has trotted right up to his neighborhood ice cream truck, plopped his paws up on the counter, and placed his order. And every single time, he gets it: a dog biscuit.

His mom, Virginia Franco, says all the different ice cream trucks know him by name now. We're guessing a canine customer that places his own order is not the norm for the ice cream man. Let's face it, ice cream trucks aren't just fun for us two-legged types.

In his spare time, Buster also enjoys lounging in gardens and taking a soak in his own personal spa.


Credit: Virginia Franco
Credit: Virginia Franco

Free treats from the ice cream truck and a spa? Sounds like Buster has got it made!

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