Facebook dialogues can get a little heated sometimes, especially when political issues are discussed. When law enforcement authorities get involved, it's a little more serious.

Robert J. Reardon (whose own Facebook page lists his residence as Cedar Lake) was taking a stand recently on the #NoHospitalDowntown Facebook page against politicians advocating for Utica's new proposed hospital. In one of his posts, he said the time had come "to kill most of them."

That wording drew the concerns of others and thus the attention of the state police, which forwarded its concerns to the Oneida County District Attorney's Office and the Utica Police Department.

Those two local entities, according to an article by Jolene Cleaver in the Utica Observer-Dispatch, have a meeting scheduled to discuss the above quote and another quote in which Reardon referenced a Facebook post showing members of Utica's Planning board and identifying them as "the first 3 you can kill."

Local authorities will ascertain whether Reardon's Facebook posts should be treated as threats that could be prosecuted.

The #NoHospitalDowntown group has been very outspoken about their perceived negative ramifications of locating a new hospital among buildings and businesses that would have to be relocated. But the founders of that online movement, Jim Brock and Brett Truett say they do not condone or encourage the types of threatening remarks made by Reardon.

Have you seen any language or commentary on Facebook that crossed a line?


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