Farming is a tough business. Early hours. Long days. Hard work. And then, Mother Nature can hit you hard--especially at Wagner Farms.

The aftermath of Hurricane Barry, the 2019 storm that ravaged Louisiana, eventually headed northeast. Ronald Wagner estimates on a Facebook post that 90% of his crop "is gone or ruined. Also several other fields ruined today along this creek. All time record flooding for us, never and I mean never, not even 2013 flood levels matched this." Wagner called it a record rainfall for his farm in a very brief period. He thinks it could be the end for his farming business.

Wagner says: "Our wagon ride remains planned for the weekend however anymore rain we will cancel further complicating cash flow issues. It is what it is folks. Farming, here today gone tomorrow."

Some other pictures from the Wagner Farms Facebook page:

Credit: Wagner Farms Facebook page
Credit: Wagner Farms Facebook page
Credit: Wagner Farms Facebook page

According to the Wagner Farms Facebook page:

Wagner Farms started out as a 7th grade FFA project and quickly turned into much more after high school, Ronald Wagner started Wagner Farms in 1998 after high school, specializing in produce and greenhouse.

Wagner farms is located at 5841 Old Oneida Rd, Rome, and the phone number is 315-339-5182, for anyone interested in reaching out.