The Food Bank of Central New York wants to help get groceries in hands of all residents with the November Food $en$e program. All you need to do is register.

According to the Food Bank, this program is open to everyone regardless of income. Locally in the Mohawk Valley, it will take place in Rome, Lee, Camden, Holland Patent, and Oneida. Registration is available online using debit or credit card through November 6th.

Food $en$e is a discount food program provided by the Central New York Food Bank. There are no income guidelines. The $20.50 per unit cost is payable at the time of registration by cash or food stamps. They report that multiple units can be purchased. There are also extras which can be purchased with or without the basic unit.

The November package includes pork tenderloin, beef portions, chicken breast, ground turkey, stuffing mix, instant potatoes, turkey gravy, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, canned corn, and two fresh produce items.

Each package costs $20.50 without limitation to the number of packages you may buy. While the items vary from month to month, the package always includes:

4-5 meat items like chicken, ground beef or fish
4-5 staple pantry items like pasta, soup, and rice
2 fresh produce items like apples, carrots or oranges
Rotating monthly specials like stuffed pork chops, American cheese, meatballs, lasagna, and chicken tenders can be purchased in addition to the basic unit."

You can read more, and register through November 6th 2023, online HERE. If you are paying using cash, check or food stamps you will need to go to one of the in person sign-up sites.

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