Writers on TV's animated smash hit show The Simpsons must be so proud. A fake word they used on the show years ago, "embiggened," has been officially added to Merriam-Webster's Dictionary.

A few other fake words have come up recently on our show. One caller used "blinkering" to describe the usage of your car's blinker or directional signal. Beth used "schloofing" to describe the action of sliding the stone down the ice in the sport of curling. Central New York came up with lots of other words on our Facebook post:

Flavorite. Contributed by Pam Kiefl Listovich. She says grape is her flavorite.

Shammelaxed. Sent in by Rick Sassone after the Orange basketball team was "shammelaxed" by the North Carolina Tar Heels.

Smutch. Patti Robinson's suggestion, which she says describes that horrible, dirty glop of snow you often step right into while getting out of the car. (Not be confused with the "snow turds" you need to kick loose from the wheel wells of your car.)

Onpurpodent. Contributed by Todd Trainham, as in me saying "I'm sorry, that was an accident," then you saying "No it wasn't, that was onpurpodent."

Foodicate. Thomas Loughlin's word for eating with sheer enjoyment.

Irritainment. From Allison Schad, what you feel while watching the Kardashians.

Anticipointment. When anticipation turns into disappointment, also from Allison Schad.

We're determined to use these words so much that the folks at Webster's can't help but accept at least one of them into their next edition. Any other ideas?


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