If you scratched off a winning lottery ticket worth $5 million dollars what would you do? See a lawyer? An investment counselor? A tax adviser? Sure, but how long would you wait to cash it in? The New York State Lottery has announced that a Camillus man, Andy Ashkar, scratched off a $5 million dollar winner in 2006 and waited 6 years to cash in. Why the hold up you may ask?

Ashkar purchased the $5,000,000 winner in 2006 but delayed redeeming it until March of this year out of concern that the winning ticket could negatively influence his life if he did not plan properly before being publicly introduced.

via Two Brothers from Onondaga County Claim $5,000,000 Lottery Scratch-Off Prize.

The lottery went on to say that he plans to share the money with his brother in appreciation for what he has done to help in with his life. The official press conference has yet to be scheduled.

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