Apparently a slice of pizza can damn near kill ya. That's the belief of a Syracuse man filing a lawsuit.

Kenneth Baombolia was involved in a 10-man brawl at Acropolis Pizza, located on Marshall Street on the Syracuse University campus. The fight occurred in 2017 and the plaintiff has filed a lawsuit, alleging the restaurant failed to provide adequate security to prevent the brawl, which included a knifing that left Baombolia bleeding profusely. The plaintiff incurred life-threatening injuries and needed emergency surgery.

Baombolia has sued his attacker and is now suing the restaurant for "failing to control patrons/customers of Acropolis Pizza House and provide others with a safe and secure place," according to attorney Tom Shannon in a story from

Oh, by the way, the fight happened at about 2:30 in the morning. Does anything good EVER happen after midnight? And is there any food worth FIGHTING over?



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