Every year we send our kids back to school, and there are tears and smiles and celebrations.

Beth has already had two meltdowns, as she sent two daughters off to college, her son Jack has four more years and then he's off. And Beth has tortured herself by watching pictures and videos of other kids going off to school. Another Central New York mom wins, however, for her priceless annual displays, as she sent her children off to school every year.

Credit: Myles Nashton

One year she "wiggled into" (her quote) an Oneida High School cheerleading outfit, another year it was a drum major uniform, and the pink bathrobe came into play on numerous occasions. Thanks to Dyann for taking away Beth's tears and replacing them with smiles.

And thanks to Dyann's husband Myles for snapping and sharing these great pics.

Credit: Myles Nashton

Is there a mom or dad in your neighborhood who goes to great lengths to celebrate their kid's return to school? Please send us your Facebook links and pics.