That's our own midday DJ Naomi Lynn standing underneath the famous Paul Bunyan statue at Enchanted Forest Water Safari in Old Forge. She recently posted a checklist of 20 Things You Gotta Do at Enchanted Forest, with one of them being: snap a picture with Paul Bunyan. Check.

The legend of Paul Bunyan (and his famous sidekick Babe the Blue Ox) is celebrated every June 28th on National Paul Bunyan Day. If you've ever wondered about our Central New York Paul Bunyan statue and how it stacks up to others, you're in luck. We have some info:

At least 10 U.S. towns claim the fictional lumberjack as their own native son. There are dozens--maybe hundreds--of Paul Bunyan statues around the country. From Bangor, Maine to Portland, Oregon and from Bemidji, Minnesota to Albuquerque, New Mexico...Paul Bunyan tributes stand tall.

Here's a listing of some other Paul Bunyan statues...and some of them are downright creepy. There's even another Paul Bunyan statue in Tupper Lake, just 68 miles north of Old Forge.

The legend of Paul Bunyan began with campfire stories told by American loggers in the 19th century and grew stronger with a series a promotional pamphlets commissioned by a logging company as part of an advertising campaign. By the early-1920s, Paul Bunyan lore was widespread.


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