David Sorbello, a Sociology professor at the State University of New York's Geneseo campus recently caused a stir with the administration of a quiz, in which he challenged students to try and tell the difference between a female and a transgender person he referred to as a "shemale" on a slide he projected to the class.

Sorbello has described the lesson as a discussion of body image and pop culture humor (based on a former segment from drag queen RuPaul's TV show), but the joke was lost on the youngsters.

Students from Sorbello's Sociology class (along with others at the school) have banded together to sign a petition requesting his dismissal.

Sorbello had previously received high marks on RateMyTeachers.com for being funny and interesting, and running lively classes that students enjoyed.

So, did he go too far? Or is this another example of political correctness run amok? Is there a thin line between humor and inappropriate behavior?


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