Whether you're dreading Thanksgiving coming up, or excited, these tips could really make you the star on turkey day. 15 tips to help you get a juicy bird.

Like clockwork, families all around Central New York and beyond will sit down on Thanksgiving and eat a dry turkey. The person cooking it will try something new each year to prevent it from happening to no avail. Well, now the worry and fear of cooking a dry turkey can be gone as dozens of Central New Yorkers have chimed in to help with this dilemma.

The biggest and best tip really doesn't have anything to do with cooking it slow or cooking it fast. It truly is more about the temperature you cook it to. Using the indicators that pop up on a turkey might seem like a good idea, but using a meat thermometer is better. All you need to know is the breast meat has to be cooked to 165 degrees, and the dark meat 175 degrees. Another thing worth knowing, don't start carving the bird right away. Let it rest for at least 30 minutes allowing all of the juices to settle back into the meat.

Want more tips, keep scrolling for 15 of the best ways Central New Yorkers have.

Central New Yorkers Give You 15 Tips To Prevent A Dry Turkey

These are just some ways or techniques to get your bird nice and juicy on Thanksgiving. But, many of them follow the same principles, they add moisture to prevent the turkey from drying out in the cooking process. Some of the choices of moisture could be fun to try when you cook your turkey on Thanksgiving.

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