Looking for a really scary movie to watch? Try one of the 13 voted scariest by Central New Yorkers.

There's something about a really scary movie that just sticks with you - in some cases, for years. We still remember watching Blair Witch Project and being terrified. When we asked you to vote on which movie scared you the most, many of you referred back to scary movies you saw when you were younger - maybe because they seem more believable when we're young.

In honor of Halloween and getting scared witless (or the word that rhymes), here are the 13 movies you voted the scariest ever:

  1. Exorcist (the original)
  2. Jaws - we'll never swim in the ocean again.
  3. The Shining
  4. The Exorcism of Emily Rose - this one is based on a true story. Yeah, NOPE.
  5. Halloween movies - technically, this is many movies, but you get the idea.
  6. IT - either the original or the remake, one word: CLOWNS.
  7. Psycho
  8. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  9. Blair Witch Project - that movie scarred us for life.
  10. Children of the Corn - super handy when you live near a corn field
  11. The Conjuring
  12. The Birds - a classic but terrifying, especially with the crows in South Utica.
  13. Pet Semetary - the original.

Bonus points are awarded to the two guys who voted for their wedding video.

Need more? Check out the original votes on Facebook:

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