Winter is coming closer, and if history is any lesson, the first snow in Central New York is less than a month away.

There's still green grass outside, and you probably haven't even thrown your ice scraper back in the car, but according to averages over the last several years, Central New York's first snowfall is coming up quickly.

The Weather Channel has been keeping stats on when the first snowflakes fly in the are for over 30 years. The average over those years tells us Syracuse will see their first flake by November 5th, and Albany will get smacked by November 16th. There aren't stats for Utica, but it's probably safe to say we're either on or close to the same day as Syracuse.

Of course, this is just an average, but that means it takes into account the early and late snowfall years.

Do you think we'll see our first snow before we sit down to our Thanksgiving dinner?

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