Linda Milozzo's house on Route 12 in Clinton gets a lot of attention. The home is dressed up for Halloween and includes a macabre clown display (above) along the driveway. But, the thing that really catches your attention as you head north on Route 12 is the figure in the upper window right here:


Linda told us she lost her mom a few years ago and the mummy is in honor of her "mummy" who passed away. It sits in that window all year. The rest of the display really makes an impact at Halloween. And there's a LOT of detail.


Milozzo said she really doubled down on Halloween when she had the first of her children, and now it's their favorite holiday. "I hide skeletons around the house even when it's not Halloween," she said, "and then my kids take the skeletons and hide them on me to scare me."


Linda Milozzo (aka "halloweenfreak" on Facebook) may be Halloween's #1 fan in Central New York. And she might want to compare notes with some other Halloween fanatics, like Tulsa, Oklahoma's Kalvin Roberts, who also celebrates it all year and wants to live in a haunted house some day.


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