Have you ever heard of stand-up paddle boarding? Over the weekend while I was visiting Sylvan Beach I noticed some people giving this sport a try. If you think it looks fun, here's where you can learn how to do it! 

It kind of looks like a surfboard, and it kind of looks like a paddle board. What is it exactly? It's a stand-up paddle board. According to New York Upstate.Com:

A SUP is longer than a surfboard, wider than a surfboard, and boarders have the benefit of an extra appendage -- a paddle. The national craze is getting lots of local attention, and for good reason. It's easy, a great core workout and the region is packed with perfect waterways for the sport that beckons both children and adults alike.

Stand-Up Paddle Boards are light weight and relatively inexpensive. An average board weighs about 30lbs, and cost anywhere between $300-400. If that price range doesn't fit your budget, many state parks have them available to rent. Here are some of the places where you can learn to stand-up paddle board.

Skaneateles Lake

Crystal clear water makes this body of water one of Central New York's premiere stand-up paddle board locations. For rental information near the lake visit Fingerlakespaddleboard.com.

William Memorial Park

This beautiful place is located on the south shore of Oneida Lake in Cicero. The park offers a launch area and is an ideal spot for an SUP beginner or expert.

Seneca River

Long Branch Park situated just outside of Syracuse is an ideal place to launch into the water. Don't let the word "river," frighten you. The water is quiet, and tranquil along much of the river, making it suitable for stand-up paddle boarding. For rental information near the Seneca check out No Waves No Worries .com

Here's some stand-up paddle boarding basics!

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