There are plenty of great places to fish but you may not have heard about these ones. Oh, and you don't need a boat to fish here!

The last time I went fishing was back in 2004. I decided to go salmon fishing in Pulaski. It would have been more fun if we all hadn't got sea sick. There were seven of us on the boat and all of us got so nauseous that our fun was nearly spoiled! Our adventure on the water lasted three hours but I was ready to return to shore after fifteen minutes. Two hours and forty five minutes into our trip, my attitude toward fishing took a turn for the better though; I caught a huge fish!

Central New York is chocked full of excellent fishing spots. Oneida Lake, the Seneca River, and Green Lake State Park are just a few of the prime locations for landing that big one! Here are a few places to fish where no boat is required!

Toad Harbor

This quaint fishing spot is located in Central Square and has a vast variety of fish species inhabiting the water: walleye, northern pike, yellow perch, and bass are all here for the taking.

Lebanon Reservoir

Not only is this place scenic and beautiful, it's a great place for fishing! Lebanon Reservoir is located in Hamilton and is used for supplying water to the Erie Canal. Largemouth bass and rainbow trout are in abundance here.

Three Mile Bay

If you're hoping to catch a ray of sunshine and some bass fish too, consider taking a road trip to Dexter. Not only is the fishing terrific, but after you're finished, catch a bite to eat at Chrissy's Diner or Sunny Bank restaurant. The food at both places is amazing!

Bartel Road and Swamp Road

Crappies and walleye fish are a couple of the species swimming here in Brewerton. If you need to stock up on worms and bobbers before you head out to the water, Bartel Road Bait and tackle is right down the road. They have everything you need for your fishing adventure!

Muskrat Bay

This place is a fisherman's paradise! It you’re hoping to catch some bass or bullhead, Muskrat Bay is where you want to be. It's no tall fishing tale that this is where I caught my biggest fish ever. He was pretty tasty too! Come check out the bay in Brewerton.



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