The Hallmark Channel is basically known for moments that inspire humility, gratitude and connection. We love watching their Christmas movies in my family, they always make us smile and they truly capture the essence of the holiday season. Whenever you watch the movies, they always seem to take place in a small, quaint little town where everyone knows everyone one. complied a list of some of the nicest, coziest small towns in America perfect for a Hallmark movie, and one Central New York town has made the list.


Located in Madison County, Hamilton was listed at number 16 on the list! Here's what is listed under the description of the town (which happens to be the place I grew up!)

Hamilton for Holidays is the seasonal celebration of this tight-knit small-town community. Wagon rides will take you across the streets to local pubs, but really the entire city is the perfect size for taking a pleasant stroll.

Plus, each year they host a House Decorating Contest that transforms each participating home into beautifully twinkling, ornamental masterpieces.

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10 out of 10 can agree that Hamilton would be a great town to film in for a Hallmark movie. I've thought it my whole life. They filmed a movie there back in 2016 called "Pottersville," which kind of has a Christmas-y vibe (as it was filmed in the winter,) but is about Bigfoot. It's actually available to watch on Netflix!