Amazing food news- A new traditional-style American diner is coming to Upstate New York. Here's where and when it's opening:

Where And When Is This Diner Opening?

This new diner will be heading to the village of Hamilton at 107 Utica Street and will be opening near the end of October. The diner will serve breakfast and lunch seven days a week. It will be named The Copper Cricket Diner.


When Can You Enjoy Eating At It Once Open?

According to, breakfast and lunch will be served during the hours of 7AM to 3PM, with plans for dinner service being considered for the near future.


What's On The Menu So Far?

Current breakfast menu items include Belgian waffles, pancakes, French toast, a variety of omelets, crepes and more. The lunch menu will feature burgers, wraps, deli sandwiches, pasta dishes, salads and more.

The restaurant will also feature daily specials, most of which are comfort foods from Toomath’s mother’s own cookbook. Toomath also stated that the menu will feature desserts in addition to vegan and gluten free options.

“We’ll have a beer and wine license there as well so you can enjoy a fresh mimosa or cool down with a wine slushie, or pair a nice burger with a refreshing beer,” said Toomath.


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