Rose gold is the hottest jewelry trend for fall this year.

Fall has almost arrived in Central New York, which means the shorts and sundresses get put away and the fall sweaters come out. While you're unpacking your favorite cozy fall sweaters, think about the perfect pieces of jewelry to complete your look.

Rose gold is making a comeback - and it's the perfect accent to the fall colors you love. The warm rosy glow is the perfect counterpoint to those chilly fall days.

To see the latest rose gold jewelry designers have to offer, we stopped at Engelbert's Jewelry in New Hartford to find out about the newest on-trend pieces. (There's a location in Rome too, right on West Dominic Street.)

Credit: Phil Nye/TSM
Credit: Phil Nye/TSM

What we discovered is that rose gold is available in a wide variety of styles - so whether you like to rock a modern look, or you prefer to stick to the classics, or your taste is somewhere in between - you'll find something you love. We also discovered that you can find necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings at all different price points too - so there's definitely something to fit your budget.

Which was your favorite piece in our video?

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