There's always lots to see and do at New Hartford's Sherrill Brook Town Park. And look what we saw last night.

The earring pictured was on the path on the left edge of the park. So, we picked it up and we were going to just leave it on a nearby bench, hoping whoever lost it might return and see it there. Then, we figured there was a better chance of a happy jewel-person reunion by using our website.

There was a lot of strategy. First, placing it in the thigh pocket of my shorts that has a zipper, so we wouldn't lose it. Then, the picture you see.

My first snapshot was on a white background, and it looked okay. Beth suggested a black backdrop--kinda like the ones at jewelry stores. Much better. A woman always knows best about these things.

The specific item I chose was one of the foam covers we use for our studio microphones. I'm going to be using it from now on for my jewelry photo shoots.

In any case, we're holding onto this earring. It seems pretty lightweight, but may be sterling silver. If you'd like to reclaim it, drop us a note. Maybe you can bring us the matching earring and we'll match it up like Cinderella's slipper.

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