It's amazing what you can find while surfing the Net.

This might be perfect for the Utica fan on your holiday shopping list. And the cool retro logo is available on a variety of items, from throw pillows to playing cards, and from luggage tags to lamps:

Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 8.10.18 PM

You can find these Utica-centric products on They claim to list over 300 million products in their online warehouse. Customers can have their own personalized logos embroidered or printed on clothing or novelty items, or they can select from images provided by participating companies.

Just like Amazon, Zazzle was launched out of the garage of its founders, the Beaver family from Redwood City, California.

If you end up using this idea to surprise a diehard Utica native who has relocated outside Central New York, you can credit us with the notion.


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