If there's one thing that we can all agree about Cher (aside from the fact that she's a complete queen, music legend, and national treasure, of course), it's that she's always honest, even if a bit brutal about it occasionally.

Case in point? Back in June, the known liberal icon took to Twitter to blast Republican presidential candidate and reality TV show host/real estate tycoon Donald Trump, likening his "inflated ego" to that of the Hindenburg.

Now it seems, however, that the pop diva may be coming around to the idea of Trump as a political front-runner—well, in theory, anyway. On Friday, Cher Tweeted, "Never thought I'd say [this]... Donald Trump is a giant among GOD front runners!"

During her brief but impassioned political rant, she also went on to chastise "devil" Ted Cruz and misogynist Marc Rubio, and simply asked, "Why!?" in regards to former neurosurgeon Ben Carson. Hilariously enough, while Cher did indeed select Trump as the lesser of those evils, so to speak, The Donald took Cher's tweet as an outright endorsement, thanking her for her, uh, support, and proving once and for all that context really, really matters:

So who does have Cher's actual endorsement in the voting booth? That would be Hillary Clinton, who Cher told a fan she'll be voting for when the time comes. She also went on to praise the Democratic front-runner for being "smart, strong, and uniquely qualified for POTUS," saying that, "They broke it, she'll fix it."

Plus, as the pop diva passionately added, "It's way past time for a woman!" It is a woman's world after all, right Cher?


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