The supply chain has been affecting a variety of products and now it has hit the chicken tender industry. What does that mean for prices? Like anything else, it doesn't look good.

According to reports, there is a nationwide shortage going on related to chicken.

Prices of tenders are also higher at grocery stores. Tenders are now going for around $3.99 per pound, almost a dollar more than their cost in 2020.

Americans are expected to eat nearly 100 pounds of chicken per person this year, according to the National Chicken Council.

You may have seen the prices go up on chicken wings in Buffalo. As a matter of fact, some restaurants don't list an actual price on their menu. They may just have a line that says something like "prices may vary based on supply".

But this tender issue affects larger restaurant chains as well. For example, there was a report that even KFC has changed the way they advertise some of the menu.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Kevin Hochman, president of KFC, said while the company currently has enough to supply demand, it isn't able to "aggressively promote" its chicken tenders on TV.

No matter what we make for dinner or what restaurant we choose for the family, our kids only want chicken tenders/fingers! This could get tricky, and the battles over what is for dinner may start, if the shortage lasts too long! Until then, I would suggest getting your chicken now and stock up to keep the peace around the dinner table.

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