Among the challenges of raising kids in an ever changing, social media driven world, is trying to find affordable childcare that you can count on and depend on to take care of your child while you are working. There may be some good news coming for parents across New York State.

My wife and I have three sons under 6-years-old and many times coordinating and finding care for them while we work is tough. Who can you count on to make sure that your child is taken care of? Is there a discount for multiple kids? Will we have to split them up at different places and different times? It becomes a delicate balance. But for those who need help to pay for it all as prices rise, Governor Hochul is offering some relief.

It was announced this week that Governor Hochul is approving money for childcare providers in an effort to give parents more and cheaper childcare options in New York State. Hochul is also launching a multimedia marketing campaign to educate parents on childcare assistance.

Like most families in New York, my wife and I have an interesting and demanding schedule. Like so many other parents, the work-family life balance is always top of mind as we try to succeed in our careers. We had to make a choice to continue working knowing that much of the money we make goes in to the best possible care for our kids. Hopefully the news from the Governor's office will offer some help to families in the same situation.

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