So it’s always sad looking back at our childhoods and knowing we had way cooler stuff than kids today. We had Sega, Atari, Beepers, and of course video stores. What are kids missing out on?

If you’re ready to feel old, throw away your slap bracelets, here's a list of 10 things according to MoneyTalks News that children born this year, or within the past year will never know.

1)  Video tapes: Remember those big old VHS tapes? Remember how Nickelodeon used to have Orange tapes?

2)  Travel agents: Trips of the future can be booked through Priceline, or other big sites.

3)  Movie rental stores: I remember how cool it was to go to the store and rent a tape or a video game. With sites like Netflix and GameFly, these stores are not needed.

4)  Paper maps: Who still uses these? In a world of GPS and Google Maps how can you get lost?

5)  Wired landline phones: Cell phones for all.

6)  Paying for long distance: I still can reflect on the Carrot Top commercials where he made a long distance call for 99 cents.

7)  Newspaper classifieds: It’s all about Craigslist.

8)  The evening news: I remember how big it was to sit down and watch the 5 o’clock news stories. Now I get all major headlines on my I-pod, and computer.

9)  CDs: I’m still rocking these in my car I don’t know about anyone else!

10)     Film cameras: Digital Cameras have replaced the need to go to the store and wait three hours for family pictures to be developed.


What is something you miss?