It's the end of an era for another popular retailer in Sangertown Square Mall in New Hartford. This time, it impacts parents and their children.

Signs are up in the mall that indicate Children's Place will be closing in January of 2023.

Andrea Gagnon via Facebook
Andrea Gagnon via Facebook

The Children’s Place closed seven stores during the first quarter of 2022, ending the period with 665 locations – a 31.5% decrease compared to the end of Q1 2019 when the company operated 971 stores pre-pandemic, according to reports. Since 2013, the retailer has closed 534 stores and decreased total square footage by 2.1 million square feet or approximately 40%.

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Rumors are circling that the brand will be closing all of their stores across the country, but there's no information available to support that.

It's not the only store that has closed in Sangertown Square in New Hartford, as many have left since the pandemic. We've seen JCPenney, Macy's and others exit the mall.

On the flipside, there's been some other businesses that have entered the retail space. Beyond Reality, a virtual reality experience, opened and so did Ashcroft & Oak Jewelers.

The upside of Children's Place closing is that there's some pretty good deals just in time for the holiday season. It's sad to see another store leaving, though.

There are still some other options for shopping for kids specifically in the area, however. Carter's is still open in Consumer Square, New Hartford.

Are you sad that the retailer is exiting the area, and could possibly be closing all of their stores in general? Where do you shop for your kids? Let us know inside our station app.

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