When the popular PBS program ‘Antiques Roadshow’ rolled through Tulsa, Oklahoma this weekend, a local man got some truly life-changing news.

His five Chinese carved cups, made from rhinoceros horns, are worth between $1-1.5 million — a ‘Roadshow’ record.

“As each one came out of the box my jaw started to drop a little more and [my colleagues'] jaws dropped as well,” appraiser Lark Mason told local news station KTUL.

He explained the cups were special occasion gifts to the wealthy in the late 17th to early 18th centuries, when it was believed rhinoceros horn had special powers.

As for the owner of the pricey items, whose name is currently being kept secret for security reasons, ‘Roadshow’ producer Marsha Bemko said, “You clearly could even see, in the tape that I was watching, the color rush over his face.”

The episode featuring the find will air on PBS early next year.

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