We’ve seen our fair share of bizarre pet stories before, but this one definitely beats all others. In the UK, a choking dog managed to make an emergency phone call for help and responders saved him just in time. That’s one lucky pooch!

A two-year-old Basset Hound named George knocked a phone to the floor and got its cord wound wrapped around his neck. It’s believed that the dog pawed at the phone in a panic and somehow managed to call “999.” Emergency operators heard labored breathing on the other end and dispatched police who, with help from a neighbor, freed the dog.

According to the dog’s owners, they were surprised that George had the wherewithal to save himself. As they put it, he’s “really dopey and likes to chew on socks.” Well, dopey or not, he was smart enough to get himself out of a dire situation.

[via The Sun]

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