Wonder how they celebrated Christmas in Utica in the late 1800s? This book was given to patrons at Bagg's Hotel who attended Christmas dinner there in 1899.

The menu, which is part of the digital collection of the New York Public Library, features a twisted cord and fringe binding the menu together along with a decorative front of Father Christmas (not Santa Claus) and holly leaves and berries.

The spelling of "Merrie" differs from today's more common "Merry Christmas." Merrie, was once a more common usage and hearkens back to the cartoon series "Merrie Melodies."

The items wasn't actually a menu, but a small diary that included pages for the year 1900.

Today there are few traces of the Bagg's Hotel, which was located on Main Street near where the Children's Museum is today. The small park next to the museum is the footprint of the former Bagg's Hotel.

BONUS VIDEO - The Bagg's Square Vault

The Haunts and Legends of NY crew were searching the Proctor Memorial Building at Bagg's Square when we learned there was a hidden vault in the building rumored to contains artifacts from the Bagg's Hotel.

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