This isn't cheesy, this is really exciting news for one local couple who risked so much to live out their dreams. They have officially expanded to open a second location of their very successful restaurant in Clinton and are now open for business.

The Compound opened the eatery last November in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic by owners Anna and Sharrone Sofer, While for some the pandemic was a nail in the coffin of their business, The Compound has done nothing but thrive in the Clinton community. Their continued success led to the announcement of their expansion in December.

According to their menu, there's a few different things that set the Utica location apart from their original Clinton location. Due to the difference in space, the Sofers decided they could expand the menu to include not just their 12 different specialty grilled cheeses, but also eight different burgers and four options for baked potatoes.

On top of the unique variety of menu options, The Compound also has a large variety of compound butters, they're offering a retail area featuring different locally sourced products from all across the Mohawk Valley, and a cheese counter. Yes - you read that right, an area where you can buy cheese and bring it home. All kinds of cheese. Amazing, right?

The Compound in Clinton is currently closed at 11 West Park Row while the Sofers focus on the opening of the Utica location. Utica's location, at 104 Genesee Street, will be open Tuesday through Sunday from 8AM to 3PM

Have you experienced the hype of The Compound before? Or will this be your first time experiencing it, now that they added a second location? Let us know in our station app.

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