What's the scoop on the newest ice cream shop located in Clark Mills New York? Here's what we know about Clark Mills Creamery.

Clark Mills Creamery is officially now open at the former Mr. Frostee location in Clark Mills located at 4910 Westmoreland Road.

We will be serving the highest quality of upstate soft custard chocolate, vanilla & twist.
Also soft serve raspberry and vanilla twist."

According to posts on Facebook, they will be adding 8 additional soft flavors on their menu in the coming weeks. They also have a variety of hard served ice cream from Turkey Hill.

Their current hours are Saturday and Sunday between Noon and 9PM. You can catch them Monday through Friday 3PM - 9PM.

Your Favorite Ice Cream Treat Is 130 Years Old & From Upstate NY?

Did you know that one of your ice cream favorites was originally created here in Upstate New York? But where exactly?

Go back 130 years ago, and the first ice cream sundae was born. It was on April 5th, 1892 over in Ithaca, New York. Platt & Colt's Pharmacy on State Street put out an ad in the Ithaca Daily Journal asking for locals to come try their new "Cherry Sunday". Back then it only cost 10 cents.

Legend has it... Chester Pratt, owner of the Pharmacy, would always be paid a visit by Reverend John M. Scott from the Unitarian Church after services. When they would meet, Pratt would always make Reverend Scott a dish of vanilla ice cream, with syrup and a cherry on top.

You can read more of the delicious history online here.

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