Of all the things to worry about in today's world. This is what's got some people up in arms? Well, it looks like a lower Hudson Valley man is leading the charge in a class action law suit that claims those King's Hawaiian Rolls we all know and love may not be from the Aloha State after all. The nerve.

TopClassActions.com is reporting that a Yonkers man picked up a pack of the Hawaiian rolls at a Stop and Shop, when he realized that the rolls were actually made in Torrance, California, according to the fine print on the label. The man, who is the named plaintiff on the suit, says that a bigger label on the front of the packages says the rolls are made in Hilo, Hawaii. It would appear that this huge revelation has ruined this man's holiday.

The suit says that King's Hawaiian "essentially invented this category of food”, and also goes on to say that the company has gone after other brands for trademarked design, and even for using the term "Hawaiian roll", itself. The man is unrelenting in his pursuit for the real story behind these rolls:

“Reasonable consumers understand that the term ‘Hawaiian Rolls’ by itself, does not denote a roll made in Hawaii any more than a ‘Moon Pie’ can claim to have been baked on the moon,”

Well, duh. The website says that the Yonkers man is calling on other New York state residents who may have been duped by these so-called fraudulent rolls. People just want to know what they're eating and where it's from apparently. And in a time during a major pandemic and an uncertain future across the country, there are those out there who are very concerned over their damn Hawaiian rolls and who made them.

There are other wacky stories kind of like this when it comes to people and what they're eating. Earlier in December, a woman from New York filed suit against TGI Fridays when she found out that the mozzarella stick appetizers didn't really contain real mozzarella cheese. And then was this from 2016, when a Hudson Valley woman sued KFC because her meal didn't have enough chicken. Then, there's the story of another New York resident who sued Junior Mints cause there wasn't enough candy inside the boxes. We think you get the picture.

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