A "thrilling" Stranger Things adventure will allow New Yorkers to travel back to the 80s, step into the thrilling world of Hawkins and explore the upside down!

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Stranger Things: The Experience is coming to New York City.

"You’re invited to travel back to the 80s in a new immersive adventure! Step into the thrilling world of Hawkins, interact with its residents, snap a photo at your favorite locations, and grab a tasty treat all while fighting off Demogorgons and other ferocious monsters," Stranger Things: The Experience writes on Facebook.

Guests are allowed to enter Hawkins Lab, discover secrets and find the gate to the Upside Down.

"Strange things are happening once again. Only the bravest guests are invited to discover the secrets within the walls of the lab. There may be the occasional testing, analysis, or psych evaluation. Don’t worry it’s safe... perfectly safe...," the website states.

Tickets go on sale late Thursday morning, however, the Stranger Things: The Experience won't happen until May 2022 at a "secret location in New York.

"Explore a medley of Stranger Things locations and fan-favorite moments. Enjoy immersive photo ops, engaging interactivity, delicious food and drink themed from the show, and a one-of-a-kind Stranger Things Bar that can only be found within this eclectic Mix-Tape of the Stranger Things universe," the website states.

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